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1. John Clay will be cheering for the Gators tonight, hoping UF can save a little face for the SEC.  Just a couple things to keep in mind while watching the game tonight: -The last conference to win 3 straight national championships was the SEC, which accomplished the feat from 1978-1980.  -Urban Meyer could become the first coach to win 2 BCS National Championships. -Oklahoma could become the first team to lose 3 BCS title games.  Currently, OU, Ohio St., and Florida St. have all lost 2 title games.  -This is only the 2nd time in BCS history where both teams have a loss coming into the game.  The other year: 2007 (LSU had 2 losses, Ohio St. 1)  -The #2 ranked team (Florida tonight) has won 5 out of the last 6 BCS title games. 2. Nice job Tennessee.  After choking away a gamelast night against Gonzaga at home, you have basically insured there will be no Top 25 teams from the SEC next week.  That team has no character whatsoever.  They are clearly the most talented team in the SEC, and I am very confident the Cats will at least split with them and probably win the SEC East.  3. You wanna talk about a vote of confidence.  My beloved Hilltoppers just gave football coach David Elson a 4-year contract extension....after a 2-10 season!!!  This was also a 2-10 season in which the 2 wins were Eastern Kentucky and Murray St.  UK should setup a 4-year series with the Tops now. 4. 9-year-old boy saves little girlafter pit bull attacks her.  How does he save her you might ask?  He put a choke hold on the pit bull.....for 20 freakin minutes!!!!  I would hire that kid right now to be my security detail when I go out in public and all the band girls swarm me.

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