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It's a couple days ago, but it must be brought up, the absolute ineptitude of Les Miles in this weekend's game against LSU.  Let's rundown the series of events: -After the Tigers recover an onside kick with about 1 minute remaining, They gain one first down, putting them in field goal range, but then throw incomplete on 1st down and take a sack on 2nd down, bringing up a 3rd and 19.  They use their 2nd timeout with :32 seconds left.  Now, why they continued to throw the ball while already in field goal range is beyond me, but Miles is notoriously agressive, so I wasn't too surprised. -Then, on 3rd down, the Tigers run some goofy UK-esque screen that loses another 7 yards, pushing LSU out of any chance to try a long field goal.  The WR goes down with around 25 seconds remaining.  Instead of using their final timeout right then and there, Miles waits 17 seconds to call it, leaving 9 seconds left for the 4th down play.  Why wait?  Who knows? -4th down: The Tigers throw a Hail Mary type pass, and it is amazingly caught at the Mississippi 6-yard line with 1 second left.  The first obvious thought is if Miles had called timeout immediately after 3rd down, they would have had around 10 seconds left, and would have easily been able to spike the ball and try a game winning field goal.  Instead, there is now MASS CONFUSION on the field. -With 1 second remaining, you have 2 options: try and run the field goal team out and snap it in time OR snap the ball quickly and throw it in the endzone.  The best option is obviously trying to run the field goal team out.  But, Miles uses the rarely thought of 3rd option, and says to spike the ball (more on this later).  Well, even a 3rd grader would have realized that once the ball is snapped, the 1 second runs off the clock, and the GAME IS OVER.  Of course, that is what happened. -The best part of this was CBS somehow managed to grab Miles right after for an on field-interview.  Here was his exact quote about not trying for the field goal: "We couldn't get it lined up fast enough.  We knew we were gonna run out of time, that, that, that was the issue.  We probably had to call, we were trying to get the field goal team on, they were down there under, we could not have spiked it certainly." Despite the fact that the English used here was like listening to "Boom goes the Dynamite", Miles first says they couldn't get the field goal team out there soon enough, then says they did try to get them out there (which is untrue) and then says they could not have spiked it (which is what they did).  It's clear that Miles does not think well in tight situations, this being one of them.  But the newest revelation is that despite saying they could not spike the ball, a TV crew has footage of Miles telling his QB TO SPIKE THE BALL!  So, he basically throws his QB under the bus. I actually think Miles gets a bum-rap about his coaching ability.  The man won a freakin national title for cryin out loud, although he did do it with 2 losses and Nick Saban's players.  Wait a that I think about it....could Les Miles be the worst coach to ever win a national title? All I do know is the Miles want to try and do a little less "coaching" and a little more "figure-heading".  And try and avoid those reporters after games. _______________________________________________________________________ Stats so far this season: Peyton Siva: 5.0 PPG, 1.8 APG, 2.0 SPG, 0.0 RPG, 33.3 FG% John Wall: 20.3 PPG, 7.3 APG, 2.7 SPG, 4.0 RPG, 55.9 FG% Eric Bledsoe: 14.0 PPG, 3.5 APG, 1.5 SPG, 2.8 RPG, 43.6 FG% Any questions about who has the better freshman point guard(s)? ________________________________________________________________________ 1) Updated Bowl Projections: Phil Steele: LIBERTY BOWL against Houston Cbssportsline: PAPAJOHNS.COM BOWL against South Florida ESPN: CHICK-FIL-A BOWL against ACC team CNNSI: CHICK-FIL-A BOWL against Clemson OUTBACK BOWL against Wisconsin 2) You know how they say that the media has a pro-liberal agenda?  Well, it is becoming clear that the sports media also has a pro-Duke agenda.  Because frankly, if the best storyline from the Celtics-Magic game was the reunion of JJ Redick and Shelden Williams, then I must have missed the boat on that one.  Also, who knew that Shelden Williams played for the Celtics.  I thought he was still the fill-in for Donald Duck at Disney World. 3) Steelers fan murders his puppy because the dog would not walk with him before the game against the Chiefs on Sunday.  No seriously, he admitted that is why he kicked the dog to death.  It only would have been funnier if it was an Eagles fan, because then Mike Vick could have signed a jersey or something for the guy. 4) Another reason to love last weekend was I didn't have to see all the Bengals bandwagon fans saying "Who dey" all over the web.  Of course, I am a Browns fan and we lost to Lions, so maybe I should just shut up.

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