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1) Could Derek Dooley be a better hire for Tennessee than Lane Kiffin?  Andy Staples at CNNSI thinks so.  The rest of America does not.  2) This story comes from 2007, but I have often been accused of being late the party with the links so it kinda fits the profile, but its just so amazing that I want to know if you all think this is even possible.  Reports out of Russia say a 15-year-old boy held on to an airplane wing for 2 hours, in -58 degree temps, with a cruising speed of 560MPH, at which point when the plane landed he fell off the wing with severe frostbite.  Now, allegedly the report has been verified, BUT I didn't think there was oxygen enough to survive at that altitude (30,000 feet plus), or the strength to hold on at that speed.  All the smart people who read this site (crickets......crickets), tell me if this is possible. 3) In another old story (seeing the theme here), did you see that the Golden State Warriors actually only had five players at the end of their game Friday. They only dressed 8 and had one injury and two foul outs.  But the real story is that Steph Curry got his 6th foul with 6 seconds left, which would seem to suggest that the Warriors should have finished with 4 players.  But, in a rule that has probably never been used, Curry was allowed to stay in the game because the NBA won't let a team finish with less than 5 players.  OK, that's a dumb rule, but in this case it had no effect on the game.  But, what if the Warriors had been losing by 2 at the time, and Curry had a big bucket after his 6th foul?  Think about this, why wouldn't you just dress the players you want to play ( 7 or 8 guys) and if you go over in fouls, who cares?  Mark Madsen would never see the floor.  4) I have now been in the "real world" for almost 3 years now.  And in that time, especially working at different radio stations, I have learned one undeniable truth: Most people are not intelligent.  The reasons why they are unintelligent can vary, but most people make stupid decisions or say stupid things ALL THE TIME.  If you just add up all the people that have ever been on Maury or Jerry Springer, that's like 10-percent of the population right there, and we still don't know who the fathers are of most of those kids.  The reason I bring it up is because Deadspin found a database of injuries people have suffered in 2009, and some of them are beyond stupid.  One such example: "WAS PLAYING W/FRIEND THROWING BRICKS, 1 BOUNCED OFF FENCE, HITTING SELF IN HEAD - CONTUSION HEAD" Now, I am not even calling the fact that this person and his/her friend were throwing bricks.  I mean, how else do you break into a home to steal things?  But, think of how this went down:  a brick doesn't exactly bounce of a fence very far.  So, for a brick to bounce off a fence and hit you in the head, you have to be standing pretty close to the fence.  And that forces me to ask why in the heck would someone stand right next to a fence and throw a brick?  I will tell you why: Most people are not intelligent.  The real question is which group do I fall into.

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