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This is the "Hubert" from the site crash a couple days ago. 1) Pat Forde looks at the underacheivers in college basketball so far, and also gives some serious props to Coach Cal for his "Hoops for Haiti" efforts.  Ball is in your court Tipton. (Note: I get Matt linked this yesterday, but this is my style.)  2) Stewart Mandel of CNNSI says Louisville made the best football coaching hire in the country this off-season, giving them an A+.  He says the hire of Joker Phillips was a B+.  Your thoughts? 3) You would think we would be past something like this in our country, but I guess not.  There is a guy trying to create an "all-white" basketball league, with teams throughout the country.  Missing the obvious jokes about Duke basketball, the amazing part about the story is the guy is saying he is not racist, he is just tired of seeing "street ball".  Because Jason Williams never existed except in our imaginations, right? 4) My girlfriend, Caroline Wozniacki, has made it to the 3rd round of the Austrailian Open.  I am very proud of her.  Now, if I could only stay up at 3AM to watch her matches, but I am not really that good of a boyfriend.    5) As good a move as you will ever see

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