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1) Tonight, George Clooney and Wyclef Jean are putting on a HUGE TV tribute show to victims in Haiti.  They have more big stars than I can list that are performing, but here is to hoping Kanye is not one of them.  2) I look at 2 websites when it comes to RPI and power rankings, and  What's interesting about those two sites right now is that they both have the Cats losing 4 games the rest of the season.  They take into account more stats than any of our brains can process, but I don't think they take into account John Wall and his superpowers.    3) There is a small dispute going on down in Florida and the message boards down there about just how exactly Urban Meyer landed a 5-star recruit.  Some "reports" have it that Meyer used this story to land the star: "Sharrif was really confused and put a call into Coach Meyer. When they spoke Coach Meyer told him that he had a ‘dream' the night before, and that Coach Meyer saw himself on the sideline coaching Sharrif. Told him that is was a "message from God that I should come back and coach, as I guess if it's my time to die, I'd rather die on the sidelines coaching you than anywhere else in the world." Now, the recruit says its untrue, but nobody from Florida is denying it happened.  And frankly, I don't care if it ACTUALLY happened.  I want to know this: DO YOU ALL THINK MEYER WOULD DIP THAT LOW TO LAND A RECRUIT?  I do.  4) Thanks to a website called Backbeat Online, they have compiled a group of video tributes to the Final Four in the NFL.  I would still say this this video from LT tops them all.

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