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Article written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
 On the top, the ring has a blue stone with Kentucky Wildcats, 1958 NCAA Champions inscribed around the stone. On one side, it says Fiddlin 1. The argument has raged for a week or two about who would win SEC coach of the year: Gillispie or Pearl? Bruce or Billy?  Well, the SEC has taken the easy way out and will name them co-coach of the year later today.  To be honest, well deserved for both men.  They both did a hell of a job for their team's this year.    2. Here are the up-to-date RPI Standings, with the Cats sitting at 49.  Personally, to feel PERFECTLY comfortable, that number needs to get into the low 40's.  That won't be a problem if they win 2 games in Atlanta, but lose to Ole Miss or especially Georgia and that number moves back into the 50's and it becomes a nervous Sunday again.  Especially if these upsets continue to happen in the smaller leagues.  Cheer for Butler tonight!!  And Western Kentucky!!!  3. Story by Rick Bozich this morning about Kentucky's history of dominance in the SEC Tournament, especially in the Rick Pitino era.  4. Speaking of the SEC Tournament, Billy Gillispie feels his teams multitude of close games this season has prepared it for success in Atlanta.  From a fans standpoint though, I would love them to blow out just one team this year.  They had chances against Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida and allowed all 3 teams back in the game.  I hope that doesn't come back to bite us in a tournament game. 5. Just a few days after we hear Wayne Turner is selling his 1998 Championship ring, we also find out that the 1958 National Champion Fiddlin Five have just recieved theirs, pictured above.  A pretty cool story in the Herald-Leader. 6. Kentucky Greats: #19 Tayshaun Prince 7. Baseball Cats are now 13-0, winning 2 games over Purdue yesterday.  Blah blah blah.  Same story, different day.  This story claims they are the 4th ranked team in the country.  I couldn't find any poll that backs that up, so for now we can just call them the nationally ranked Cats.  I think they just took a straw poll of SEC alumni and came up with a #4 ranking. 8. Here is a typical day at the radio station with Matt.  I play the roll of "Jim" in this little production and the Matt is playing the host.  I should get alot of sympathy over this.  If you must know, this is a clip from "Mike and the Mad Dog", a radio show in New York City, and clearly either Mike or the Mad Dog is a complete gas bag.

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