Bud Dupree calls Pittsburgh "the best situation I could be in"

Bud Dupree calls Pittsburgh "the best situation I could be in"

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


Bud Dupree is officially a Pittsburgh Steeler, and made his first ever trip to the city this afternoon for his introductory press conference. Dupree called the last 24 hours "overwhelming," but ultimately, "a dream come true."  "It still feels fake. It was amazing being drafted. It was real touching and the best moment in my life so far. Seeing my family happy, the feeling I got was very emotional. I was real happy. I didn’t expect Coach (Mike) Tomlin to take me because he didn’t communicate a lot. Once he called me, it was the best situation I could be in." He's right. Although we were all disappointed Bud slipped to 22nd, it may be worth it to be on a decent team. He'll join an established defense, including Pro Bowl linebacker James Harrison. “I can learn a lot from him. He has been around the game a while, he is a Pro Bowler, he can teach me," Bud said. “I have to make sure my eyes are big and my ears are open." Bud told reporters that Steelers fans greeted him in the airport today and he already feels at home. “People at the draft told me Steelers Nation is the best nation in football,” said Dupree. “I already feel the love from Steelers Nation. It’s a great Nation of fans. It will be like being in a college atmosphere. I can’t wait to meet everybody.” [Steelers.com]

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