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Taken from last night post-game conference.

As much as we never wanted Calipari to lose during his tenure as the head basketball coach at UK, it had to happen sometime.  And you had to wonder how he (and the fans) would handle it when it happened.  Here’s your chance to check it out.

A couple impressions from the video:

-Citing some of the ‘fancy plays,’ and the fact that there ‘is no degree of difficulty,’ Calipari knew this loss was coming. Maybe not against South Carolina, but he knew one was looming somewhere.  He has the sound of someone who has repeated these lessons over and over in practice.  If the team didn’t hear him before (and I’m not saying that they didn’t,) they’ll certainly have a chance to over the rest of the week as they prepare for the leader of the SEC East, Vanderbilt.

-Boogie seems absolutely wrecked.  Even when he’s asked about why he had such a good game, the loss still hung heavy on him.  The team means more to Boogie than his own stats, and that’s what you want from your key players.

-Surprisingly Coach placed no blame, publicly at least, on Obama.

All in all, losing sucks.  But Coach still has a .950 winning percentage at Kentucky, and as long as he keeps that up… I’ll take it.

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