Cal says he will wait to offer Nerlens advice on the draft

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


Calipari called in to Andy Katz's ESPNU show "Katz Korner" this afternoon to talk about the Cats, their postseason chances, and Nerlens Noel's draft status. In the video above, Cal said that the Cats have to "take care of business and play" to make the Tournament, and for the first time, admits that he didn't do the best job preparing them for their first game A.N.: "Obviously we didn't handle it well and I didn't prepare them well. So now we'll see where we go forward." Cal said that he will wait to offer Nerlens advice on the draft, since Nerlens will be two months into his rehab by the time he has to make the decision. Cal emphasized that the injury is a basic ACL tear and Noel's high school knee injury had no bearing on it whatsoever (perhaps in reference to The Courier-Journal article from yesterday). If the rehab goes well and Noel is ready for the NBA, "he'll have his opportunity if he chooses to do it." If not, he'll come back. Thankfully, Noel had disability insurance, as do "4 or 5 players on the team," according to Cal. Next year, he said that 8 players might have disability insurance, which shows you just how much talent is coming in. What does Chad Ford think? He says that if Nerlens wants to go to the NBA and everything goes well with his rehab, he'll still be a Top 5 pick and should go ahead and go this year:

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