Cal wants IU, UNC, Kansas and Louisville on the schedule

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


In today's installment of "How the Schedule Turns," John Calipari spoke to ESPN's Andy Katz and pitched his latest idea about beefing up the nonconference slate:
3. The latest scheduling gimmick John Calipari threw at me was to get what he perceived as the top Kentucky nonconference opponents -- Indiana, North Carolina, Kansas and Louisville -- to agree to a scheduling rotation in which each team would play two home and two road games against the group each season so that all four teams were on each team's schedule. It sounds great, but it would be almost impossible to pull off with those other schools having other high-profile commitments with tournaments, neutral-site agreements and conference-mandated challenge games. UK is playing only Louisville on that list of teams next season.
First of all: Indiana, North Carolina, Kansas, and Louisville every year?! Wow. Secondly: notice Cal said two home and two road games, not neutral sites. After criticism over next season's weak nonconference schedule, is this Cal's way of fighting back?

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