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Cal answered some questions for the Media today, and one of the subjects that came up was future WWE superstar Enes Kanter.  By now you know the drill with our favorite-foreign-big-man-in-waiting (behind Woo of course,) but Cal has begun to address the situation a little more since BBM than he was in the past.  Probably because he saw how awesome Kanter looks in Undertaker swag.

From Brett Dawson:

On some Kentucky fans perceived victimization:

“The NCAA is not working against us with this young man, this is a hard decision. He played for the club when he was 14, 15 and 16. They know that. They also know that this decision they make, with a kid in a similar situation, this is going to be (the precedent).”

“We want them to get it right. Look, I want the kid to play tomorrow, but you want them to get it right.”

On Kanter’s attitude:

“It’s been tough on the kid.  The kid’s like, ‘What is this all about?’ because he knows he did things right. I want the NCAA to get it right, because it’s not going to just affect this kid. It’s any good players that want to come over (from Europe) that are in those clubs.”

On Kanter’s skill set:

“Enes is a good player. People are trying to make him out to be King Kong.”  Says he’s “not DeMarcus Cousins.”

On Kanter’s ability to practice:

“He may peek his head in the door, but he’s not able to watch anything,”

Cal’s opinion at this point seems as though he expects to ultimately be able to coach Kanter this year, or at least he is keeping a positive attitude about it.  But it also sounds like he thinks it will be a while before the situation is going to be resolved.

At some point, the NCAA really needs to focus on what’s best for the kid, and come to a ruling one way or another.

Free Enes.

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