Cats Could Have Day to Remember Tomorrow

Matt Jonesover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
dd The news is out and tomorrow becomes one of those days for the Kentucky basketball program. At 4 pm, #1 in 2011 Michael Gilchrist will join Brandon Knight in announcing his college decision. It is a huge day for the Kentucky basketball program as a player that some services have ranked as the #1 player in 2010 and all have in the Top 5 (Knight) and the consensus #1 player in 2011 both pull the trigger on national television and BOTH are expected to pick Kentucky. It is one of those days that will be remembered in UK basketball history and if both pull the trigger, it might be safe to say that there has never been a day in recent memory where two better players became Cats on the same day. This news actually originated in (of all places) our comment section, where a commenter named "Wedding Planner" began posting a couple of weeks ago that Gilchrist would announce for UK on April 14th. I ignored the first few mentions, but his persistance impressed me and led me to to make a couple of phone calls last Friday. It was based on my conversations on Friday that I realized that (a) Wedding Planner was correct on the date and (b) could very well be correct on the school as well. That is why I tweeted out that I was so excited about this week and with the Lamb news that came later (which is muted a bit by his decision today to potentially push back the announcement and allow St Johns to enter the game), it looked like this could be an historic week for the Cats. I was told that UK wanted it to not get out until the day of the announcement, but it looks like and ESPNU jumped the gun. Oh well, thats all still good as long as Blue wins out. Tomorrow we find out if that happens, and I for one am very excited. Kudos to "Wedding Planner" for getting it right (a phrase that you could only say on a blog) and you know the drill now. 4 pm on ESPNU and a LIVE BLOG right here to cover it all. It will be a server crashing day and one for the UK history books. Get ready.....

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