CBS Sports predicts Briscoe and Lee will return to school
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CBS Sports predicts Briscoe and Lee will return to school

Drew Franklinover 5 years


Article written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin


I don't know how much insight Gary Parrish over at has on the matter, but I hope his predictions are correct. Parrish currently has both Isaiah Briscoe and Marcus Lee returning to school over the NBA in his predictions for the draft's underclassmen. Briscoe, he says, is unlikely to get drafted he were to go:
ISAIAH BRISCOE (KENTUCKY) Briscoe's plan all along, like most heralded Kentucky recruits, was to spend one year in college before bouncing to the NBA. Problem is, he's likely not in a position to be drafted this year because he's a shooting guard who shot just 13.5 percent from 3-point range as a freshman. PREDICTION: Returns to school [Parrish]
Lee will get caught in a fight for playing time back at UK, but the NBA isn't a realistic option:
MARCUS LEE (KENTUCKY) Could Lee get caught in a numbers game if he returns to Kentucky, where three five-star frontcourt players are set to enroll? Yes. But the alternative to doing another year of school probably doesn't involve the NBA. So Lee will likely be back in Lexington even if he'd prefer to be a professional. PREDICTION: Returns to school [Parrish]
For all of Parrish's picks for the young men still weighing their options, click here. As for us, we here at KSR have no idea what either Wildcat will do. Often times there is some inside info floating around the office, but we're all pretty clueless on this one together. Their announcements could come at any moment now or at the very last minute tomorrow.

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