Chicago Sun-Times Responds to UK Demand Letter; Completely Re-writes Davis Article

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Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
anthonydavisjr Well that was quick. In case you went to bed early and missed it, there was a controversy yesterday between the Chicago Sun-Times and UK involving an article about recruit Anthony Davis Jr. Yesterday the Sun-Times put out an article about Davis Jr that included a reference to a "rumor" that he was given $200,000 by the University of Kentucky to go to the school. The response was quick on Twitter and was universal condemnation. All the major sportswriters said publishing the rumor was out of line and many lambasted the writer and editor for making the decision. So then, the Sun-Times changed the article to remove the mention of the money and UK, but left in the fact that "rumors" said that Davis was looking to get paid by colleges. The University of Kentucky then responded with a letter threatening a lawsuit (which can be seen a couple of posts down) if the contents were not removed. So what happened. The Chicago Sun-Times has now completely rewritten the article.. They have taken out all references to money, UK, dollar amounts or any "rumors" of Davis Jr. being on the take. The threat by UK seems to have worked and the new article is simply a profile of Davis Jr, with no talk of any rumors or responses to being paid by anyone. The Chicago Sun-Times thus has completely backed down. But notice, as of this writing, there is no mention that the story was edited or of the previous article. Another tool that newspapers use on the internet...write a story...change it...dont tell anyone what it said before. In print, that is a retraction. On the internet, it is a "lets act like we didnt do anything wrong." Another trick stolen from the blog world by the newspaper world. More on this embarassment from the Chicago Sun-Times later today....

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