Choose or Lose Standings.... and WEEK 3 GAMES TO PICK

by:Matt Jones09/13/06
The picture above is apparently a Paladin. Apparently a Paladin is one of the twelve legendary chivalrous retainers of Charlemange in medieveal romance. I say this only because at this point, one of our blog readers who takes the name Paladin and hosts this site "21st Century Paladin is the leader of the Choose or Lose game (along with Super Blue Dude). The blog is actually entertaining and the author must see himself as a modern day ladies man, so all you single women out there reading this blog....line up. Paladin is the man. Here are the standings for those who have played both weeks. If you have only played one week, you will make the standings after week four: Paladin 25 SuperBlueDude 25 Ricky Bobby 24 Matt Jones 24 Macon Vol Fan 24 Gerry Dinardo 24 Mr. Mujumdar 24 Mosley 23 D. Williams 23 gutter2D 23 Corporate Autocrat 23 Ethan 23 Nathan Rice 23 MyDixieWrecked 23 Drunk Irishman 23 David Shuman 22 Payne 22 BRN2BNK 22 kenman07 22 JLove 22 Intern 22 Phil Shelley 22 Mike Jones 22 Turkey Hunter 21 Mmfiji 20 jayhovah 20 NewWildcat Order 20 matt57 20 Wayne 20 CaliCatfan 20 Keyser Soze 20 Rob Gidel 20 Walls 20 wldctky 20 palmerjr 19 Wes 19 Captain Morgan 19 Kevin L 19 WillK 19 Keith 18 kentapolis 18 Aaron 16 Week 3 Games Michigan St at Pitt Florida at Tennessee Michigan at Notre Dame Oklahoma at Oregon Miami at Louisville Arizona St at Colorado Texas Tech at TCU Memphis at ECU NC State at Southern Miss Arkansas at Vandy Clemson at Florida St Colorado St at Nevada Navy at Stanford UNLV at Hawaii LSU at Auburn Fresno St at Washington TIEBREAKER Score of Ole Miss vs Kentucky

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