Choose or Lose Week 6 Results and Week 7 games

by:Matt Jones10/11/06
I cant dwell on this week's Choose or Lose Standings too much. Because if I do, I will cry as our football guru Duncan Cavanah and my Biology dork friend Payne tied for last with just six correct picks. Not good guys. But our winner was nepalibabu who if he writes me and asks nicely, gets to write a winning post for the blog. Here are the standings: nepalibabu 12 MaconVolfan 11 Walls 11 New Wildcat Order 11 Wayne 11 wildctky 11 Doug 11 Ricky Bobby 11 Matt Jones 11 gwblak 11 gutter2D 11 Nathan Rice 11 JLove 11 Mosley 11 JSGoRocks 10 Will K 10 D. Williams 10 flipisatrip 10 SuperBlueDude 10 Michael 10 Mac 10 MegaTron 10 Captain Morgan 10 Drunk Irishman 10 BRN2BNK 9 Corporate Autocrat 9 WWH Mustaine 9 Rich Holt 9 Phil Shelley 9 Intern 9 Keyser Soze 9 Mike Jones 9 Turkey Hunter 9 CaliCatFan 9 Ethan 9 Paladin 9 T.Walters 8 MyDixieWrecked 8 palmerjr 8 Greg Hoover 8 Gerry Dinardo 8 Wes 8 David Shuman 7 MMfiji 7 Tony Jones 7 Payne 6 Duncan Cavanah 6 THis week's games. PLAY NOW!!!! Wake Forest at NC State Maryland at Virginia South Florida at North Carolina Army at UCONN Rutgers at Navy Missouri at Texas A&M Utah at Wyoming Florida at Auburn Cal at Washington St Hawaii at Fresno St Arizona at Stanford UAB at Rice Oklahoma St at Kansas Houston at Southern Miss Toledo at Kent New Mexico at UNLV TIEBREAKER Score of Kentucky at LSU

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