Coach Cal Gets It: and Other Notes From Portland

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Drew Franklin may not have made the trip this time, but I’m fairly certain most of the basketball team did.  In fact, the team is already in Portland and making waves – like rock stars tend to do.  Steve Brandon (Portland Pilot’s beat writer,) of the Portland Tribune made a couple notes before the big game tomorrow, a few of which are hilarious.

-In the long line of Coach Cal Gets It moments, another was added as he and the team made a visit to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital this afternoon.  It’s uncertain as to whether or not their entrance rivaled the one’s at BBM, but rumors of a Jorts Carlton 2: Electric Bugaloo ran rampant over childrens’ twitters from Portland.  Sure, The Portland Pilots went also, but I imagine they were greeted by a chorus of boo’s for not being as dreamy as Doron Lamb.

-Brandon recognized that “UK is recognized as the No. 1 basketball program in history, according to the ESPN College Basketball Encyclopedia (2009).”  Respect.

-According to Calipari, Terrence Jones was convinced this was a vacation.  According to The Portland Tribune, Terrence Jones and co. paid a visit to Self Enhancement Inc (a non-profit supporting at risk urban youth.) Sounds a lot like the vacation stories I hear from Turkey Hunter.

But my favorite part of the Portlan Perception of Kentucky Basketball:

“The game features two sharpshooters:  guards Jared Stohl of UP and Jon Hood of UK.” Look, I’m about as big a fan of Jon Hood you can be without actually getting blocked from his twitter feed.  And sure, Hood has looked better at times this season.  But I think labeling Drew Franklins high school lab partner a sharp shooter – much less comparing him with the leading three point specialist in the nation last year – is a little presumptuous.  Maybe they just picked him because they both love J.J. Redick.

Or maybe he’s about to drop 60 tomorrow night.


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