Coach OH Napier says Cats are moving FAST! and NEW POLL

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ohnapier7.jpeg As Coach OH above would surely agree, things are looking quite nice on what looks to be the biggest recruiting week in quite some time. Alex Legion has signed his papers (and will be on the Sports Mob tonight at 5). Lots of reasons to like the new recruit, but remember this from his interview with me last night: Do you know any of the other UK recruits? I know Patrick and Jai real well as I played with them at the NBA camp. I actually just got off the phone with Patrick a little while ago and was trying to persuade him to look real hard at Kentucky. You know he has a lot of people going after him, so I dont know what he will do. I think his dad likes Duke and his mom likes UK and you never know what he wants to do. But we talked about the pros and cons of each school and he likes that UK is close and they need a big man, so I think he is considering UK hard. GREGG DOYEL had this to say about the UK-Gillispie hire today: Billy Gillispie, Kentucky: Not just a home run, this was a walk-off grand slam. In all of college basketball, and this includes that cute little bugger down there at Florida, Gillispie was the perfect hire for Kentucky. By the time he's done running Louisville out of the state, the Cardinals will be getting their mail in Missouri. Also, Michael Sanchez is getting a visit very soon from Billy Clyde and Jai Lucas is making a decision at the end of the week. It will be a very important few days for the Cats.....stay tuned here to find out what happens. VOTE IN THE NEW POLL And in the meantime, you can always enjoy the greatness that is OH Napier's website. and his videos:

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