Coming Soon... Rondo Vs?

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Rondo practicing to take on BTI and Kate on the roller rink, next on Rondo Vs…

Who would win in a foot race, one of the quickest point guards in the NBA, or one of the fastest running backs in the NFL?  If all the rumor mongering turns out to be true, we may just find out.  Apparently Rajon Rondo has challenged Chris Johnson (Titan’s star RB) to a footrace, reportedly wagering $200,000, otherwise known to both players as ‘chump change.’  If Johnson’s in pads, Rondo wins going away.  But that’s not likely, and I think if this happens (please let this happen,) Johnson edges out our favorite PG not named John Wall.

Hey, for that kind of money, maybe I’ll throw my name in the race.

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