Could Trevathan be thinking NFL too?

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Danny Trevathan is a beast.  Three players carried this years UK team: Cobb, Hartline, and Trevathan.  Hartline is gone for sure as a senior, it seems like Cobb is leaning towards leaving.  But, very little has been mentioned about the possibility that Trevathan could leave too.  As a junior, he is qualified to leave and enter his name into the NFL Draft, but the thought was coming into the season that Trevathan wasn't good enough yet.  Of course, when you lead the SEC in tackles, things could change.  And then this tweet came from Danny: “Gave it to em man!! Can’t let this happen bruh.. Now decisions !! Time is the one thing we don’t get back no matter hw hard we try..” Now, are people reading too far into this "decisions" statement.  Maybe.  But, much like Cobb, if Trevathan feels that his stock will not get any better, then why hang around?  Also, his statement on time could signify that Trevathan wants to waste no time with his pro career.  Or it could mean he wants to make sure to get a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny's before they close.  Who knows?  But, a defense without Trevathan next year is a scary thought for me.  I can not imagine what that thought would be like for Steve Brown and Joker Phillips.

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