Darius Miller Gives Back

Darius Miller Gives Back

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  Prepare your heart to melt after you see the below picture... This post comes to us via Ally Tucker, the Editor of KSRCollege.com   Darius Miller, fresh off winning a national championship, found time in his day to visit the UK Children's Hospital yesterday. Darius spent time visiting with the children, while also signing various things for the children and their families.   It's always neat to see players giving back, but even more special when they give back to the kids. John Calipari spent the last two days on the road, literally covering a thousand miles in the state of Kentucky, just to provide little moments of joy for other people. He didn't have to do that, but he did. Darius Miller gave little moments of joy to a lot of children yesterday. He didn't have to do that either, but he did. Again, it's great to see our players giving back to the community.

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