Dear Mrs. Tyler, Vol. 1

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 8 years


DearMrsTyler I'm starting an advice column for KSR readers to help you solve the Big Blue dilemmas in your life, from which basketball roadtrip to take this season, to how many UK shirts you should have in your rotation, and anything in between. Fighting with a UofL fan at work? I'll help you coming up with a solution. Are you a diehard UK fan living in Volunteer territory? Let us help you make it through. Big, small, we'll cover it all. Submit questions via email or Twitter (use the hashtag #DearMrsTyler).
ZaJortney Barker writes: "Will I be able to dust off my three goggles next season with this highly ranked Wildcat squad?"
Dear ZaJortney, Most definitely. With Kyle, Aaron Harrison, James Young and others, 'tis the season for three goggling. I hope you can remember how after all this time.
Kelly Harper writes, "Dear Mrs. Tyler: Thanksgiving Weekend - How do you work UK vs UT game in Lex on Sat with UK BB in NYC on Sun?"
Dear Kelly, This is a tough one, but not impossible. Make sure you arrange your Thanksgiving plans with your family, your spouse/significant other's family, etc. for Thursday and Friday so that the weekend is free and clear of holiday family drama. Brave the chilly Commonwealth parking lots for a tailgate on Saturday, complete with Thanksgiving leftovers before watching Kentucky beat Tennessee for the second time in three years. If the UK/UT game is an early game, there will still be time to catch a flight to NYC, but if it's a late game, you can get an early flight on Sunday (United has one that leaves at 8 a.m. that will get you to Newark at 1 pm with a quick stop in Chicago). If you can't afford a flight, cram your family or friends into a car and make a roadtrip out of it. Download a week's worth of KSR podcasts to keep everyone entertained while you drive through the night. If you're not driving, this also might be a good time to install SnapChat and Vine to your smartphone, or finally watch "Game of Thrones." Seriously, the Red Wedding was f'd up. Once in New York, go straight to Jack Demsey's, where Drew Franklin will serve you a shot of Maker's and you can jump on the shuttle bus to the Barclays Center. Enjoy the game and take an extra day off work to enjoy the city. Again, it'll be a packed weekend, but if you want to see the Cats play in Brooklyn, you can totally do it with the right planning. This year will be special and is worth the extra effort. YOLO, sleep when you're dead, etc.
Orange Leaf Lover writes, "Dear Mrs. Tyler: How do I stop people from sending stuff to my house? I appreciate their support, but these people are crazy!"
Dear Orange Leaf Lover, That has to be annoying. Maybe this is a case for the mean and nimble one?
"Make me a sandwich" writes:
Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 1.30.32 PM I've been getting a lot of sandwich requests lately! Because I simply can't fulfill them all, I put together some recipes so you guys can make them on your own. It's really quite easy: BLT (Bacon Lettuce Tomato) 2 slices of bread 4 pieces of bacon 2 pieces of lettuce 2 slices of tomato 1 tbsp mayonnaise Cook bacon in a frying pan and, spread mayo on bread and assemble ingredients. Toasting bread is optional. PBJ (Peanut Butter and Jelly) 2 slices of bread 2 tbsp peanut butter 2 tbs jelly Spread peanut butter on one slice of bread and jelly on the other. Put together. Cut crusts off if so desired. I hope this helps. xoxo, Mrs. Tyler

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