Derek Anderson blasts John Calipari on Louisville radio

Derek Anderson did an interview with Drew Deener on ESPN 680 yesterday, and, well, he certainly had a lot to say. Anderson took shots at John Calipari, last year's Kentucky team, and the players who decided to go pro after this season, claiming that kids today have no concept of what it's like to play against the caliber of players he played against during his college career. "We won against pros and we dominated. We averaged 91 points a game. How many did this team average? 75?" Anderson said of this year's Kentucky team, which finished 38-1. Anderson then criticized John Calipari for letting kids go pro instead of encouraging them to stay in school and develop their skills.
"If Coach Cal wanted to keep these kids and develop them, he should tell them that. He's just running them in and out. It's not him, it's not just him, it's the parents. If my son is supposed to go second round, 'Son, you need to stay in school, get your degree in case something happens, and also finish the job. Make sure you make these people know you can actually play.' They're just running them out of here. Like Dakari Johnson. I hope he makes it, but he's a 7-footer who can't jump. What's he going to do with no degree when he's done in two years?"
When Deener mentioned the Harrison Twins, Anderson continued his rant.
"It's sad to see this man. I never thought--if I was a coach, I wouldn't allow it to happen. I would keep my players and develop them and teach them there's a better, different way to do this."
Anderson then criticized John Calipari's coaching, which he says cost Kentucky the 2014 National Championship.
"Last year, when we went to the Final Four with [Julius] Randle and them, it was because of pure talent, and the reason we lost? Coaching. Why did Louisville beat [UConn] by 30? They pressured their guards. We let the kid Shabazz Napier--he walked the ball up and just shot in our face the whole night. I'm like, 'did you not watch the tape of Louisville beating them? They pressured these guys.'"
When Deener said it sounded like Anderson wasn't happy with how things were going at Kentucky, Anderson agreed. "It kills me. I'm tweeting people, I'm like, 'Coach, you know you can run a lob to your seven-footer.' Nobody can jump." When Deener asked if the BBN had attacked Anderson yet for his comments, Anderson said no. In fact...
"No, they agree with me. Look at them, I've never had problems with them. I had one guy on Facebook say, 'Well, he's doing pretty good, he's 30-something and 0, he's doing really well, he's going to the Final Four.' And every time at the end of the game, end of the season, we don't win a championship, I say 'are you happy now? Since you want to give Coach all this praise?' I love Coach, I think he's a great guy, he helps people out, he brings us back, he's treated me with nothing but respect, but I'm talking about coaching. I'm not talking about personal, I'm talking about coaching. If you're going to coach these kids, let's make them play the game the right way."
Welp. To hear the entire interview, click here.

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