Despite being 5th, SEC still showing strong

Bryan the Internalmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Bryan the InternBryan the Intern
NOTE: BEFORE VIEWING THESE RANKINGS, UNDERSTAND THAT I ONLY RANK THE SEC 5TH BECAUSE OF A LACK OF QUALITY WINS, AND SOME REAL BAD TEAMS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LEAGUE (ARKANSAS AND GEORGIA).  BUT I WOULD SAY THE SEC HAS HELD ITS OWN SO FAR.  I WOULD JUST LOVE TO SEE A BIG TIME WIN FROM SOMEBODY OTHER THAN FLORIDA AND KENTUCKY. 1) Big 12 Combined record: 75-17 vs BCS schools: 14-9 Good wins: Clemson (Texas AM), Memphis (Kansas), Minnesota (Texas AM), Washington (Texas Tech) Bad Losses: Richmond (Missouri), St. Louis (Nebraska), San Diego (Oklahoma) 2) Big East Combined Record: 98-17 vs BCS schools: 11-12 Good wins: North Carolina (Syracuse), Vanderbilt (Cincinnati), Texas AM (West Virginia), Michigan (Marquette), California (Syracuse) Bad losses: Vermont (Rutgers), Charlotte (Louisville) 3) Big 10 Combined Record: 58-25 vs BCS schools: 12-12 Good wins: Tennessee (Purdue), California (Ohio St.), Butler (Minnesota), Duke (Wisconsin), Clemson (Illinois) Bad losses: Bradley (Illinois), UNC-Wilmington (Penn St.), Davidson (Penn St.), Boston U. (Indiana), UT-San Antonio (Iowa), Duquesne (Iowa) 4) ACC Combined Record: 74-21 vs BCS schools: 18-15 Good wins: Arizona St (Duke), UCONN (Duke), Ohio St (North Carolina), Butler (Clemson), Marquette (Florida St.), Michigan St. (UNC), Minnesota (Miami), Marquette (NC State) Bad Losses: William and Mary (Wake), Northern Iowa (Boston College) 5) SEC Combined Record: 67-23 vs BCS schools: 15-12 Good wins: Michigan St. (Florida), UNC (Kentucky), Missouri (Vanderbilt) Bad Losses: Wofford (Georgia), Rider (Mississippi St.), Richmond (Mississippi St.), Cornell (Alabama), Morgan St. (Arkansas), East Tennessee St. (Arkansas), South Alabama (Arkansas) 6) Pac 10 Combined Record: 42-30 vs BCS schools: 5-16 Good wins: LSU (Arizona St.) Bad losses: Montana (Oregon), Loyola Marymount (USC), Oral Roberts (Stanford), TAMCC (Oregon St.), Sacramento St (Oregon St.), Cal St. Fullerton (UCLA), Long Beach St. (UCLA)

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