Did you need another reason to watch Figure Skating?

Katie Martinover 11 years


Aritcle written by:Katie MartinKatie Martin
figurefail I'm not going to lie, I totally get into the Olympics. Something about all the drama and passion (and totally ripped men) just really gets me hooked, even on sporting events that I know nothing about. I spent most of my weekend watching grown men and women essentially channel their inner children and slide really fast down steep hills in the snow. Never mind that I can't tell you the difference between a triple toe loop and a sow cowor that I hate the cold and have a strong aversion to sliding on ice. I find myself completely immersed in the agony and triumph of it all. Growing up, the Summer Olympics were more important to me since I was once a little girl who dreamed of gymnastic leotards and perfect 10s. Even after I realized that this was just a pipe dream (having boobs and not being able to do a somersault tend to put a kibosh on such things) the Summer Olympics still kept me captivated with basketball and track events and having actually well-known people competing. But beginning in Nagano in 1998, I found an appreciation for the winter version as well. I am always impressed when old white men who control sporting events find it in themselves to step into the 21st century and spice things up with controversial changes. With the addition of snowboarding and curling (in 1998), the games have moved past the skiing and figure skating (see pipe dream above) cornerstones and into a more modern and exciting event. Besides the constant freaking-out-about-the-weather moments and Bob Costas' insane over-dramatizing, the Vancouver Olympics this year have really kept me on the edge of my seat as only John Wall has been able to do in the past.  and of course, the thing that keeps me watching above all else are the wipeouts.  Nothing better than seeing people fall in ways that elicit growns and grimmaces, provided they aren't American and (of course) they are physically alright. And of course, if you need a manly excuse to watch figure skating check out Kentucky alum and Lincoln Financial color commentator Tom Hammond calling the figure skating competitions this year. The UK alumni website has a good article about Tom's Kentucky ties and the evolution of his career. See? Even the Winter Olympics have Kentucky basketball ties. And before I get hosed in the comments section, yes I will be missing Men's figure skating, snowboarding, and speed skating tonight in favor of a Mississippi St. beatdown.  Even the Olympics can't compete with  Cal and company.

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