Donate to Shannon The Dude's charities to celebrate his walk

Donate to Shannon The Dude's charities to celebrate his walk

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<small>Photo by Aaron Perkins</small>
[caption id="attachment_312015" align="alignnone" width="2048"] Photo by Aaron Perkins[/caption] Once Shannon The Dude completed his 50-mile walk last week, many of his followers asked how they could donate to charity in honor of Shannon's stroll. As Lexington mayor Linda Gorton noted in the proclamation for Shannon The Dude Day, "Shannon gave folks in Lexington, and throughout our state, a reason to smile." If you're one of the many who smiled while watching Shannon accomplish his mission, and would like to give in his name, here's how he explained where he would like you to direct your donations: "I'm splitting up the charity, 50/50. I'm giving half of it to the Crusade For Children, I'm giving the other half to Hope For Pets, which is an animal shelter in Mount Washington," he said on the show. "One last, final, friendly dig at you," to Matt Jones, an opponent of dogs and crying babies in public.

Crusade For Children

Hope For Pets

Follow those links to contribute to two causes close to Shannon The Dude's heart. He earned it.

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