Dr. Doron's Lessons in Love, Beauty, Adversity and Money Management

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dr-doron Doron Lamb got all philosophical on us on Twitter Monday afternoon, flooding our timelines with inspirational quotes regarding a variety of subjects. Below you'll find some of his "realest" on this week's edition of "Dr. Doron."   Point being, guys, treat your woman the best way you possibly can. If you're feeling insecure, you're not doing enough. There is another man out there who can do better.   We all struggle at various points throughout life; it's how you handle the struggles and overcome them that matters. Each new struggle strengthens you for the next.   9 times out of 10 you'll regret the decision you made. Also, don't go to the grocery store when you're hungry. You'll end up with Cheez-Its, pizza rolls, ice cream bars, three cans of Pringles, and Pop Tarts. And you'll forget the milk.   NBA groupies are a dime a dozen, and most are thirstier than a fat camel in a sweater in the middle of the desert. The real woman for you is the one who will be there when you need her most, not when 2 Chainz is performing in a club at NBA All-Star weekend.   Do squats, ladies. Lots and lots of squats. Wear yoga pants, too.   Women should dress modestly in public if they are seeking a relationship. Men are hesitant to court a woman who looks like she is wearing two handkerchiefs bound together with dental floss. Though dressing like a CraigsList hooker is easy on the eyes, she will not be a target during cuffing season. #Real   It baffles me that women prefer married men over someone who is late to leave the nest. They are quick to break up a formal union between a man and a woman, but hesitant to intrude on a mother's love for her son and roommate.   Ugly chicks make the world around you look better.   Wedlock is for the one who loves you unconditionally, not the one who misbehaves. Hashtag, loyalty.   Like, socks.     See you next week.

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