Election Results Are In and... It's the GOOSE!

Election Results Are In and... It's the GOOSE!

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mothergoose.jpg goose1.jpg Richard "Goose" Gossage has been granted passage into Baseball's illustrious Hall of the Fame, appearing on slightly more than the 85% of the ballots required for induction. Jim Rice came up just short in his bid ensuring that we (the populace) will now have to miss out on all the pomp of merchandising of what would have been "The Mustache Class". It saddens me that the writers didn't realize the opportunity they had in their hands namely because I had already trademarked the name "The Mustache Class" and because there are 30,000 t-shirts now sitting in my basement with said slogan which are now just a waste...unless anyone is interested in a mustard-yellow t-shirt depicting two of the finer mustaches in baseball history. Extra Medium is the only size available (never let Robbie Roberts order t-shirts for you). In retrospect, this was a very bizarre post on my part. Huh. Oh well. By the way, you're welcome for the creepy Mother Goose pic at the top.

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