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pardon-enes It's only 11 and I already feel like me head is going to explode.  Fun day so far, huh?  In the neverending waiting game that is Enes Watch: Part Deux, there has been little action over the past 20+ days.  According to the Larry Vaught note earlier, that looked like it might change.  Or not.  Brett Dawson heard from NCAA spokesman Chuck Wynne and got a little nugget that might not just frustrate you, it might make Mr. Dawson unwelcome at Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse from now on.  Here is what Mr. Wynne had to say:
 "The NCAA and the University of Kentucky continue to work this issue according to the established student-athlete reinstatement process.  At this point, there is nothing new to report."
No news is good news, right?  Or no?  Honestly, at this point, I'm not sure.  All I know is that it has to be a very fun week to be Chuck Wynne.  Here is what the rest of his email said...
I appreciate you reaching out to the NCAA for confirmation, rather than choosing to speculate.  I couldn't care less about your readers or your reporting, it's just lonely here.  Mark was off all week.  Cheryl only worked a half day on Monday.  Heck, I've been the only one here all week covering for the entire association.  And why?  It's not like there's anything going on.  It's been pure torture.  I cleaned out the team fridge already, made a necklace out of my paper clips.  I even put together a one-man production based on "12 Angry Men" called "Maggette".  Spoiler:  He's not guilty  ;)  Anyway, I appreciate you emailing.  Feel free to call too if you'd like.  We could talk Kanter or whatever.  You watch True Blood?  Love that show.  It's fine if you don't, though.  I 'm sure we could find other stuff to talk about.  Books, nature, fingernails.  Whatever. Talk to you soon (I hope), Chuck Wynne P.S.  I might order takeout later.  You like Chinese? 

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