Eric Adeyemi is no longer a Cat

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Sophomore wide receiver Eric Adeyemi has voluntarily left the football team.  I haven't seen an actual statement from the university, but who needs one when you can get it straight from the source via Facebook:
i think its time for "E.A" to say good bye to kentucky football... it was alot of fun and memories... NEXT STOP?... WHO KNOWS... MAYBE WKU, KENT STATE.. OR PROBABLY UAB!!!!! (LOL)
There ya go. Eric is turning in his UK Wildcard and Nutter Field House keys for another school, probably UAB (which apparently is laugh out loud funny.)  I guess the young, speedy receiver with potential to be a downfield threat didn't like the bubble screen offense.  Or, it could be that he doesn't like Lexington traffic.  Either way, he's gone and he says, "IMA SEE YALL KENTUCKY PEOPLE WEN EVA I SEE YALL" See you den, Eric.  Good luck in the future, where eva dat may be.

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