Five Key Quotes From John Calipari's Monday Press Conference

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John Calipari invited his closest friends in the media into the Joe Craft Center on Monday to tell them all about what he saw wrong in Kentucky's loss at Missouri and what's ahead with Tennessee on the schedule Tuesday night. You can see the entire discussion by clicking here. But if you have other things going on in your life that are keeping you too busy to watch a 12-minute video on the internet, spend one or two minutes reading some of the more important quotes from the press conference.   1. "I just want them to be really into the games for these kids." By now you've probably seen Calipari's call to the fans to really bring the energy to Rupp Arena Tuesday night. He was asked about it today, to which he said, "I just want them to be really into the games for these kids. Be really into the game. I’m not listening to our fans, the loudness, but I know what that building is and what it stands for when our fans are really into the game." "I've done this a few times in my time here and I think it's time for them to say, you need our help and we're going to be here for you." 2. "We have to do this collectively as a glove." Cal sees problems in the Cats' defense, in that each player is too caught up in their own assignment to help out the group. "When they play man-to-man defense, all they're worried about is their man," he said. 'Now we're trying to say, ok, we have to do this collectively as a glove, five guys together." "You have to be responsible for your man and our team." 3. "Frustration isn’t the right word but I do get tired." When asked if it is frustrating to repeat the same message over and over to his players, Cal replied, “Not frustrated. You get tired. I’ve been to bed early. But I have a responsibility. My responsibility is to each individual player and then collectively to get them to understand that I’m going to try to have us play in a way that everyone benefits and you help each other."

"Frustration isn’t the right word but I do get tired. You get tired.”

4. "We are surviving with a really hard schedule."

The competition around the SEC is as high as its ever been, and it's made for a tough road for Cal's team. Today he said it's only getting tougher with the slate ahead, which includes second-place Tennessee and trips to Texas A&M and first-place Auburn over the next three games. "We have maybe as tough a part of our schedule coming up as we've played, and we're still tinkering a little bit." Tinkering? Does that mean tweak??? 5. "An adjustment. Not ready to say tweak yet, but it’s an adjustment." There's your answer: no, it is not a tweak. That's too bad because we love tweaks.

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