Five Things To Watch Saturday
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Kentucky Wildcats

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Five Things To Watch Saturday

Shawn Bridwellabout 14 years


Article written by:Shawn BridwellShawn Bridwell
card.bmp 5.) Unless you have been living under a rock for the past three seasons, everyone is well aware of the machine that is known as Brian Brohm. It seems at times Brohm operates so smooth that he is simply running on auto pilot. He steadily is in total control of an offense that is electrifying as he constantly hits his receivers in stride and right on the numbers in the passing game. However, Brohm has shown to be human at times if you can get him a little gun shy in the pocket. Recognizing blitzes is something Brohm does very well, so if you are going to get him thinking you need to get pressure from your front four. Kentucky needs big games from its defensive ends in Jeremy Jarmon and Dominic Lewis. Jarmon has six sacks in the past six games and Lewis has played very well in the first two games, however this could be a game where a speedster like Jamil Paris can finally make a name for his self and cause havoc in the backfield. A must if UK wants to slow down or at least contain the UL offense. 4.) The Cardinal defense really can't be as bad as it showed against Middle Tennessee State Can it? Look, there is speed as well as athletes galore in the defensive unit for the Ville, but replacing a dominating defensive lineman like Amobi Okoye can be tough. Okoye demanded so many double teams and attention last season from offenses that it allowed players like Earl Heyman and Adrian Grady to make noise. So far the production on the defensive line has been sorry, and a big part of that is the loss of a first round draft pick to the NFL. The linebackers and secondary for the most part are playing uncharacteristic football. Under former coach Bobby Petrino, the UL defense played with discipline and an attitude, even if they weren't the most talented. So far through two games I see defenders over pursuing the football, not in the right alignment, and very poor tackling. All of these things are credited to lack of discipline, which ultimately goes back to coaching. I think you will see Louisville much better this weekend, just how much better will be the key, as it can’t get much worse than it has been. 3.) Kentucky is quickly becoming dangerously thin at the defensive tackle position. Ricky Lumpkin is most likely out for several games after playing well to begin the season and injury prone Myron Pryor is up in the air again. Corey Peters is still there to anchor the middle, but after that you are looking at Ventrell Jenkins, who most thought was out for the season just a short time ago, true freshman Shane McCord, walk-on Austin Moss and Incumbent Travis Day. Louisville has showed the first two weeks that even without stud Michael Bush, who has moved on to the NFL, that they are still a very formidable running team with bruiser Anthony Allen who set a school record with 275 yards rushing last week. Stopping the run will be a major concern for Brooks and co. 2.) Two words, Jacob Tamme. So far this season we have heard very little of what most believed in preseason to be the best tight end in the SEC. I am very confident that the lack of production has been due to the fact Joker Phillips has big plans set for Tamme that he didn't want to tip his hat to against two inferrior opponents to start the season. We heard Brooks claim how well Tamme looked in the spring and during fall camp, so we know with Old Man Rich's track record of honesty, that most likely he wasn't pulling our chains. As I mentioned on yesterday, I reviewed several films from last season and chalked up numerous plays that were designed just for Jacob that we have seen none of thus far in 2007. Look for a big day from the former Boyle County star Saturday night. 1.) This will be this largest crowd in Commonwealth Stadium history before it is all said and done. The question I have for all fans that will be in attendance is will you stand up and cheer your fanny off and give the Cats the home field advantage that they deserve? I know you will. A lot of people say stand up on third down and make noise, I say stand up whether it is first down, second down or fourth down and make noise. A victory over a top ten opponent will do wonders for the program nationally not only by perception of the media, but on the recruiting trail as well. Also, it will make it a lot sweeter heading to Fayetteville 3-0 compared to 2-1.

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