Florida Predictions and Game Thread

Florida Predictions and Game Thread

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
joakimnoah2.jpeg An exciting day around the Kentucky Sports Radio Compound. We began the day with the Morning show on ESPN Radio, including our Senior Day discussion on the best looking Senior Citizens in America. Then it was basketball in the afternoon, with the exciting VMI-Winthrop game tipping things off, followed by Tennessee-Georgia and Ohio St-Michigan. The games were intense and the battles thorough....much better than the Ben Affleck-Sandra Bullock movie that was shown in the compound (romantic comedy about a plane crash and an ensuing road trip.....achingly horrendous). Finish the day with a trip to see the Killers of Comedy (Shuli, Bob Levy, Sal the Stockbroker, Yucco the Clown and Beetlejuice) from the Howard Stern show in the Ville and that my friends is a full day. But not as full as what we have today. Three great games back to back with Kentucky-Florida, the Missouri Valley final and UNC-Duke.....sit back and enjoy. The Cats have gotten a great draw for the SEC tournament (potentially Auburn-Ole Miss-Vandy or Alabama-Miss St-Vandy) to get to the Finals against Florida and thus today's game is just about pride. I have little to no expectations today. Defending national champ....who we match up with terribly.....coming off three out of four losses....on national television....on Senior Day. Not a good recipe. I hope the Cats keep it close, but my head says they wont. I see Florida by 14. What you got?

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