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cal1n11 We're family here, right?  Good.  Let's not B.S. each other.  I'm at a level of tired that I didn't even know existed and I can barely keep my eyes open.  Plus, I have to take a pretty massive dump.  Obviously, I'm having trouble concentrating on this.  So, since we're being honest, just know that I'm mailing this in like I'm getting a decoder ring in return.  I promise to put more effort into this next week.  If I'm still around.  Happy Friday! Now onto a few notes...  - It took awhile, but some of you angry UK fans got a little justice Thursday....sort of.  The ESPN Ombudsman commented on Bob Knight's shot at Calipari from a few weeks ago.  Don Ohlmeyer mentions the numerous angry emails he got from UK fans and offers a lengthy judgement on the situation.  Like any non-biased corporate man, Ohlmeyer critiques but doesn't condemn what Knight says.  Here is how he summed up the comments:
Knight is entitled to his opinions, and ESPN viewers are interested in them. And seeking integrity in a sport that sometimes ignores it is laudable. However, tossing a verbal hand grenade without new information doesn't advance that cause.
You can read the entire assessment of Knight's commments here.  And, as an added bonus, lots of Craig James commentary!   - On an incredibly slow news day, the most interesting tidbits came from Coach Cal's interview on Dan Patrick's show Thursday morning.  Not surprisingly, Cal said he would force John Wall out the door if he turns out to be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft (why are we still speaking in hypotheticals?).  It was word that he doesn't see himself at UK beyond 10 years that got a few fans all stirred up.  They must not have been paying attention to his "Paducah to Pikeville" chats this summer.  - Dan Patrick (Dan Pugh if you're Steve Beisner) also spoke fondly of the Hoops for Haiti event and told Cal that if Duke hosted a telethon, it would be the lead on Sportscenter.  Cal obviously danced around the comment and never let his opinion be known.  Personally, I think ESPN has pumped out UK stories like it was their job (is it?) this season and, even if Patrick might be right, it's tough to complain with the coverage the Cats get from the Worldwide Leader right now.  - In case you missed it, Cal reminded us that this team is 10-8 right now.  It almost makes me wish we were actually 10-8 so he knew what 10-8 at UK felt like and would stop making these references.  Of course, once I think about Billy Gillispie, I change my mind.  And yearn for a buzz.  - All the radio headlines weren't limited to the Dan Patrick Show, though, as UK announced that Coach Cal's radio show is going national on satellite radio.  Coach Cal is the only college basketball coach in the country to have his show broadcasted on satellite radio.  Also, I have no idea if that previous sentence is true.    - Against everything I stand for, I spoke favorably about how Tennessee has come together since the suspensions of four players.  They just seem to enjoy playing with each other and are surviving on emotion and chemistry.  Louisville, though, appears to be the anti-Tennessee.  I'm not convinced that they even like each other.  In a loss to Seton Hall, their third in a row, they were plagued with selfish offensive possessions (9 assists on 28 baskets) and constant arguing and finger pointing.  They could be on the verge of imploding.  - With that being said, the Cards got screwed by Tony Greene at the end of the game when a Seton Hall player stepped about three feet inbounds and then was allowed to reset.  Tough break for them.  I love it.  - In their final tuneup before taking on roughly half of the 2010 NBA Lottery, Arkansas fell to Florida at home.  The Razorbacks put up a good fight and held the lead as late as 6:47 left in the second half, but their lack of size proved to be their undoing.  They were out-rebounded by Florida 41-29 and let The Androgenous Wonder posterize them.  They could have a little trouble with UK's big guys on Saturday.  - If you didn't watch LeBron vs. Kobe tonight, you missed out.  You can throw a lot of hyperbole toward LeBron (and everyone does), but when you see him go back and forth with a guy like Kobe Bryant, none of those words seem to be enough.  He was dominant Thursday night and, in my mind, there's no question he's the best player in the league.  Even if you hate the NBA, you're cheating yourself if you don't stop what you're doing and watch these two on the rare occassion that they go head-to-head. - I don't want to give much more positivity in the direction of Tennessee but the godfather of the Vol headband movement, Wayne Chism had a great quote today.  He told the media after practice that "Every second I'm talking to you is another second I'm not at Waffle House."  Words to live by.  - Word broke late this week that big man Teeng Akol would transfer to Western Kentucky from Oklahoma State.  This means one thing to KSR readers.  This.  - Charlie Strong has been on quite a tear since setting up shop in Louisville, but a situation in Georgia that was mismanaged by the Filthy Cards could pay off for the Cats.  Three-star cornerback Chris Sharpe will visit UK this weekend after learning that he was not actually committed to Louisville...even though he committed.  His teammate, four-star defensive tackle Mike Thornton, could accompany him. That's it for now.  Again, I apologize for throwing this together.  We promise to make it better the rest of the day.  Stick around for all kinds of UK football and basketball goodness throughout the day.  See you in a few...

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