Friday Night Practice Notes

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[caption id="attachment_116554" align="alignnone" width="500"] I need a hat like that.[/caption]   - High School Football may have kicked off tonight, but the Cats still have 16 days to prepare for Louisville. Tomorrow they will have their last preseason scrimmage, and Coach Phillips is expecting the offense to produce more touchdowns than last Saturday's scrimmage. "We didn't get the ball in the end zone as much last week. We had some big plays, we kicked some field goals, and had a few touchdowns, but we've got to get that ball in the end zone. I also want to see a big drive; those 12-14 play drives are hard to come by. It gives the offense confidence and it tells you the offense is focused. " - Joker once again didn't have anything decisive to say about the Quarterbacks However he did say that he would like to Redshirt the 4th QB, who ever that may be but right now it's too early to say if that will happen. The coaching staff doesn't want to see QB troubles like it had last year with pretty much only 2 guys, and it showed on the field with poor passing performances more common than good ones. - Coach Phillips said that TE Gabe Correll has excelled lately at practice, getting additional reps while others have had to sit out because they are too banged up. "He's a guy that we feel like we can count on if it comes down to it." Tyler Robinson has had some back issues that have kept him out of a couple of practices and Jordan Aumiller has had a sprained foot. - When Joker was asked if there was a timeline on when he will make a decision on the starting QB he gave us the quote of the day, "There isn't a timeline, it's whenever I feel like it." - Wide Receiver's Coach Pat Washington is very high on RS FR Daryl Collins' development throughout this camp and believes that he can be in the 2 deep rotation by the start of the season. "I think Daryl's probably more athletic than most of the guys. He's very fast and really fluent in everything he does. He's a natural and that sets him apart." Collins has always been a guy talked about the coaches often, but we've only been able to see him in action during the Spring game and I'm excited to see that play transition into an actual game. - Tomorrow Coach Washington is expecting his guys to not take care of the football, but more importantly not take a play off. "I told them what we got to do, is with every team we play, we have to make all 11 defenders play on every down. Sometimes receivers tend to want to take a play off on the backside of a run play. My goal tomorrow is to watch them compete every down." Along with catching passes, receivers have to be involved in blocking and the run game in order for the team to be successful.   -16 more days @RoushKSR  

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