Hall of Fame Tweets from a Hall of Fame Coach

Hall of Fame Tweets from a Hall of Fame Coach

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[caption id="attachment_207552" align="alignnone" width="328"]Andy Lyons | Getty Images Andy Lyons | Getty Images[/caption] The only coach in school history to take the Cats to four consecutive bowl games was inducted into the UK Hall of Fame last night.  Under his leadership the Cats achieved success that's rarely seen in the Commonwealth. Since he retired in 2009, Brooks has not shied away from the limelight.  Although he lives on the West Coast, he's a frequent flyer to Lexington, especially during Keeneland season.  When he's not around town, Brooks remains involved with the BBN on Twitter. Even though I just joined the work force, Coach Brooks makes me look forward to retirement.  Now a Hall of Fame coach, he's even better at retirement, enjoying fishing, golf, tomatoes and travel more than any one person should, showing it all of on Twitter.


https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/764990146882052096 He's cut back on the tomato Tweets.  This year's crop must not be producing as usual.


Unlike most fisherman, Coach Brooks doesn't tell tall tales -- his proof lies in the pictures.  Like a true gamesman, he's all catch and release. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/726170773862273024 https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/741453379713404929


Nobody cares about your golf game.  It's almost as bad as telling people about your fantasy football team.  Rich Brooks is the exception to the rule. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/742877190392422400 What makes Brooks the best: he doesn't just tell you about the good games, he lets you know when he sucks. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/644680894540742656 But he always manages to find a silver lining. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/644683646482300928


While playing the Oregon Trail, I always wondered, "Why is Oregon such a big deal?"  After looking out of Brooks' back porch, I understand why. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/744015408009609216   https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/655535944720773121 His vacation views are even better, bringing me to my next point...

Humble Brags

Coach Brooks has always been a humble guy, but nobody can always be humble.  He can't help but throw his awesome retirement in our faces. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/660585977660985345 And he got AP's harness, no big deal. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/766759851733114880 Brooks knows how to vacation. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/757432744796446720 When the golf and humble brag Tweets combine, it gets out of hand. https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/738751667470884868


https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/761414320127225857 Is this Deja Vu for Saturday? https://twitter.com/UKcoachbrooks/status/642865728916340736 w

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