Happy birthday, EJ Floreal!

Happy birthday, EJ Floreal!

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonover 6 years


KSR would like to wish EJ Floreal a very happy birthday. The sophomore guard turns the ripe old age of 20 today. On a team full of superstars, EJ might be the best athlete. The son of two Olympians, EJ was also a track star in high school. He may not get a ton of playing time now, but he leads the team in the all-important dance circle before the game. Here's the one from the Florida game in Gainesville: We noticed in the Bahamas that EJ is also the "glue" that holds the pack together socially. He and Marcus Lee are especially close, and Lee posted this tribute on Instagram this morning:
Enjoy those brownies, EJ. Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter @BouncyE_24.

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