Hating the Refs

Hating the Refs

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
I admit up front that I am generally not a fan of blaming referees in games. Generally speaking, absent an egregious call to end a game, the outcome of contests are not decided by decisions by referees. More often than not, whatever mistakes they make can be overcome. And even this Saturday, I believe Vandy played the better game overall (especially in the first half) and likely deserved to win the contest. Having said all of that, the referees in Commonwealth Saturday were BEYOND horrendous. Whether it was the Line Judge calling a touchdown when the Vandy player's knee was down on the two, the blatant flop on the roughing the passer that was a 14 point swing or the non-call on the UK receiver push off that gave us a 30 yard gain late in the game. These were all key calls and were all blatantly wrong, which makes one wonder, how does this happen? For the vast majority of the game, the referees job is relatively simple....especially those that are acting as line or back judges. Yet when they are called upon to make a key call, they botch it. It makes one wonder where they find these people. I understand that UK-Vandy doesnt likely draw the SEC's top pair of zebras. And I also know that everyone makes mistakes, oh yes they do ("your sister and your brother and your dad and mother too....big people, small people, matter of fact all people".....that is from a children's song that was in my head), but constant and repeated errors are unacceptable. Do officials from the SEC and other conference ever get fired for ineptness? If coaches lose their job left and right, cant we get rid of the dead wood on officials as well? Because if we dont, games will continue to have these terrible goofs that will effect the end result, and Rich Brooks' head may officially explode.

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