He's Back...
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He's Back...

Bomani Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Bomani JonesBomani Jones
You gotta leave it to geniuses like me and Matt to make my first week of posting coincide with finals week, when schools were perpetuating the belief that classes are a big part of college athletics.  Kind of like marriage is a big part of adultery, the part that gets in the way. Anyway, speaking of classes, one Mr. Brook Lopez will be back in action for Stanford.   While Brook and his twin brother Robin are two of the more unfortunately named players in the country, they're pretty good players.  I was incredibly skeptical of them at first because of the general tendency to overstate the ability of anomalies (twin post men count as anomalies). Plus, I just don't trust this recruiting stuff.  Too many variables at play when predicting the success of children.  Some blow you away with their talents.  Some impress you.  Those that are impressive?  Well, remember that smokin' hot chick you graduated high school with?  Notice she didn't quite look the same when you saw her at Christmas break freshman year? Moving on... Lopez might be the best big man in the Pac-10.  Getting him back is huge for Stanford, the first true step in erasing that embarrassing mollywhoppin' the suffered at the hands of Louisville at a "neutral site" in the NCAA Tournament. My only hope is that he got a haircut.  Having an androgynous name is one thing.  Having an androgynous name and an androgynous haircut?  Too much, man.  Just too much.

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