Heythanks, Urb
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Heythanks, Urb

Evan Hilbertabout 13 years


Article written by:Evan HilbertEvan Hilbert
I'm sure there was zero doubt in the minds of Gator and Bulldog fans alike as to what the punishment for Georgia's little party on the goal line would be. If possible, Florida would blast Georgia with all their might, leaving them beaten, bloody, and embarrassed. Knowshon couldn't get it going on the ground and Stafford fell in love with throwing off his back foot, and Florida destroyed the 'Dawgs. So, mission accomplished. However, Urban Meyer wanted more. He needed more. So once Georgia's collective manhood was stomped on by Meyer, Tebow, and a host of super fast Gators, Urban just had to make it last. And last. In the final minute of Saturday's poopstorm, Meyer called two timeouts because, as he said after the game, he wanted to reward Emmanuel Moody for running hard. Right. And Matt Mumme was our holder because he was awesome at catching snaps. Thanks Urban. Now we get a batch of super-pissed Bulldogs rolling into Commonwealth this weekend, eager to prove that they don't suck. Sweet. Haven't you done enough already, Urb? Urban Meyer Makes UGA Suffer with Late Timeouts (AJC)

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