Hold on buddy, not until Game 5



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Before I continue with this post, please take a moment to identify yourself with the protagonist.

That impeccable mug belongs to none other than LA Clippers center Chris Kaman. The fact that Kaman is what He-Man would look like had he lived in Chernobyl is comedy in itself, however, we’re talking about the NBA here–the biggest joke going. During game 3 (or maybe 4, is anyone watching?) of the Nuggets-Clippers series, Kaman was charged with a flagrant foul on the Nugg’s Reggie Evans. Status-quo right? Not exactly. It appears that Evans got a little befuttled at the sight of Kaman’s long, flowing, and un-washed locks, as according to Kaman, Evans “grabbed my testicles and pulled. Hard.”


Apparently, TV replays show Evans putting his hand up Kaman’s shorts like he’s Johnny Quarterback on a date with Suzy Cheerleader at make-out point, completely oblivious to the instruction of the 3rd base coach. It’s one thing when a player pulls his groin…but…when he has his groin pulled…well, I’ll just say Ron Artest doesn’t look so bad anymore. True story, Reggie Evans isn’t jerking your chain.

Side note: check out Kaman’s (or the 1 Clippers fan who created it) MySpace page. I don’t know why, but there’s nothing funnier than seeing people post on a celebrity’s page when they actually think it’s them. So sincere.)

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