How Kentucky can win the SEC East

Hunter Campbellabout 11 years


jokerphillips Or, at least it's one guy's plan on how to do it. The folks over at Mr.SEC laid out what they believe are the steps needed for Kentucky to truly be a contender in the SEC East, and thus reach the next level as a football program. A summary of their plan goes something like this: 1) End the Tennessee streak, because not being able to beat the Vols, even when they're down, consistently holds Kentucky back. 2) Recruit Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia, because there isn't enough talent in Kentucky to support a top-level SEC program and the Cats need a wider recruiting base to be competitive. 3) Follow Coach Calipari's lead, and sell the Kentucky program whenever and wherever possible. I assume signing 20% of the top 25 recruits would also help, although it wasn't mentioned. 4) Look to Bruce Pearl, and be a little bit of a showman in the name of program-promotion, because that's what worked to get Tennessee basketball noticed at a football school and it may take the same to get Kentucky football some pub in the shadow of basketball. If you do look to Bruce Pearl, remember not to stare. It burns the retinas. So there you go. Something people never thought could happen is now seemingly within the realm of possibility. Or, at least, is worthy of a blog post or two. Things seem to be on the way up. Operation: Win starts in five days folks. Get ready and, most importantly, Go Big Blue. [Mr. SEC]

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