Hump Day Practice Notes: It's All About the D

Hump Day Practice Notes: It's All About the D

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[caption id="attachment_176644" align="alignnone" width="600"]Mark Stoops would not approve of a bad April Fool's joke, so I'll be 100% super-serial. Mark Stoops would not approve of a bad April Fool's joke, so I'll be 100% super-serial.[/caption] 1.  While most people are more concerned with making jokes, the Cats worked on building teamwork.  Technically you could consider every practice a "teamwork exercise," but they took it a step further before finishing practice today.  We weren't allowed to watch, but I like imagining Matt Elam doing a "trust fall" with T.V. Williams. 2.  Big George is a Head Bussa*.  Just ask Khalid Henderson; he learned today when he got his bell rung by the early enrollee.  Normally Stoops' freshmen offensive lineman have a redshirt waiting on em, but Big George Asafo-Adjei might be the exception. Coach Stoops likes his maturity on and off the field.  For mid-year transfers, sometimes it can be tough being away from home for the first time, but not Big George, "We always know George is OK because he has a big plate of food usually," Stoops said. 3.  Mark Stoops will be next to Bud Dupree at the NFL Draft in Chicago.  I can't remember the last time Kentucky had a player attend the Draft.  If you can, comment away. 4.  Melvin Lewis is becoming a leader on the DLine.  After losing leadership on the defense, Stoops has been looking for players to step up.  Senior nose guard Melvin Lewis is starting to fill that void, taking all kinds of questions from younger players and responding with positivity. "He's a guy that's upbeat," Stoops said.  "When you walk in the building, if you've got a good, positive attitude, you can affect people in a positive or negative way.  He's not perfect, but for the most part when he walks in the building he's ready to affect people in a positive way." 5.  Jason Hatcher said Andy Buh is a "light switch."  Bud Dupree had to learn a lot by himself without a position coach that specialized at outside linebacker.  With a huge void to fill, Coach Buh is helping Denzil Ware and Jason Hatcher learn the slightest of nuances, instilling fundamentals in the Spring to become habits by Fall. "I like to call him a light switch guy.  He can be cracking jokes with you, all cool and fun, and then the next play it'll be like a light switch, just the complete opposite.  He goes from zero to 100, real quick.  It's funny, but you can't laugh because he'll get mad at that too." *For those that don't know, Head Bussa's>Head Buster's

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