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I Guess I Hate Tennessee

Bomani Jones01/13/09


Article written by:On3 imageBomani Jones

I really have nothing to do with this here distaste for the University of Tennessee, though I don’t like that shade of orange a single bit.  Best case scenario, it indicates there’s construction on the road.

I did take a trip to Tennessee once in college to see a woman.  She invited me to see her, in fact.  I get there on a Friday night, ready to roll, when she tells me that she and her friends just came up on some tickets to see some strippers.  So they did.  And I went back to the hotel.

Since then, I’ve had a bad feeling about that state.  That I didn’t go back home right away was my fault, and the girl wasn’t even from Tennessee, but it’s ruined it for the whole place.  I don’t care if Lane Kiffin turns out to be the second coming of Martin Luther King, I’m not a fan of the Ernge.  Not at all.

Go Blue!

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