Injuries and the Internet: Bringing Alabama's finest together

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As you've might have heard over the past week or so, Alabama's Ronald Steele will no longer be a member of the Crimson Tide basketball team because of...well, it depends on who you talk to. You see, Alabama coach Mark Gottfried said it was because the 17th-year senior had a season-ending heel injury and wouldn't be able to play again for the Tide. The weird part, though, is that Steele said the next day that his injury was "very minor" and had "nothing" to do with his decision to leave the team in the middle of the season.  Rumors are swirling Rumors are swirling that there might be some sort of dispute between player and coach that sparked the departure, but neither would confirm. The only thing we can be sure of is that it is an incredibly anti-climatic ending for one of the most storied basketball players in the history of the state. The two-time Mr. Basketball was also a pre-season All-American in 2007 and was the Bizarro version of a typical Tide player, choosing to return to school rather then prematurely enter the NBA Draft. But, this got me thinking. Maybe this Ronald Steele situation is the most perfect example of the disparity between SEC basketball and football fans of all-time. You see, Steele departs the Tide after five seasons and does so almost unnoticed and without much fanfare. On the flipe side, Tide wideout Tyrone Prothro fell victim to a career-ending injury after only 17 career games and people flooded the internet to wish him well, providing us all with a little comedy gold. Some of the best:

"to prothro man ur mi iteal every thing u do is awsome get better man were waiting for u good luck"

"tyrone im your biggest fan i hope you get better we hope you get to come back next year . GET WELL SOON?"

"Hope you get well and that was a catch That you had did in one of them games."

"wuz up pro,ru playing next year.U R real good but im sure u already knew that."

"tyrone prothro get well soon we need you are bama will lose whit out you i play football to iwant to be good as you im running back number 24"

"Pro- I cheered for the Tide in the 80s and was all SEC all four years...including most valuable cheerleader in 84' and best "herky jump guy" and runner up "hold that line" yell leader in 85'. I became a lawyer and frequently post on Tider Insider ..specifically the Quad. Why I am telling you this I don't really know."

"Tyrone I hope u get well soon may i have your home address please i am tryin to mail you a picture on canvas its real good can u email it to me my email address is"

"You're awesome. dude call me sometime cause that would be cool."

So, maybe we should leave Ronald Steele some well-wishes here.  I mean, I feel like he's getting slighted.  So, leave Mr. Steele a message below in your best Bama gramma and maybe Matt Jones will give you a prize.  Maybe.

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