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Inside the mind of the enemy

Stuart Hammer03/26/12


Article written by:On3 imageStuart Hammer


Ok, not really. Because message boards are filled with keyboard warriors who are capable of making really really dumb comments. But it’s always fun to take a look. Here’s a glimpse into the Louisville fan’s reaction to this weekend and the Final Four. Prepare to be blown away with knowledge.
Momentum is a powerful ally and we are on a very good roll while uk just limped down the stretch
He makes a great point. I mean, what’s blowing out all four teams you’ve played thus far, scoring no less than 81 points? Louisville has way more momentum averaging 64 points during the tournament — almost five points less than they averaged on the season. All about that MO!
The IU game was funny. Refs felt bad for calling fouls on Davis so they immediately got Zeller 2 fouls and put UK into the bonus at the 12 min mark. It's all very funny. Maybe you'll get a call this weekend.
I love a good conspiracy theory. Someone needs to tell this poster that Kentucky pays all the referees at every game; this isn’t breaking news.** Now here’s a really good one.
They think we are the same team We are Big East champs We beat big 10 champs We beat the secs 2nd and 3rd bestthis year
I like where you’re going with this, but I see one flaw in your logic. Louisville hasn’t beaten the team most important to this puzzle: Kentucky. This poster goes on to shed some serious analysis on the game. Take a look.
Siva outplays Teague Behannan outplays jones Dieng battles with Davis like last time Hold lamb and kidd to average days Our depth is better Our coach is better They are screwed if they have foul trouble
I mean it’s just that easy.
See you in 'Lou Orleans'!
Challenge accepted.
1. UofL pulls off a stunning upset in New Orleans, ending UK's perfect season. 2. The Cards then go on to win the National Championship. 3. Calipari (who has already had to address coaching rumors) takes the Knicks job, fleeing the nuclear level fallout from UK fans for losing to UofL, and missing another NC with an NBA roster. 4. The NCAA hammer comes down after Calipari leaves, just like with UMass and Memphis. Cal is "cleared" of wrong doing, and UK is left to sink into the ground with vacated seasons, probation and banned from tournament play. 5. Louisville goes back to back next year
What is this? Are we writing fantasy novels now? First of all, no. Stunning upsets happen in the early rounds, not now. Not this far; Louisville can't hang with the Cats. There's too many weapons and too many places to score. Unlike Davidson, New Mexico, Michigan State and Florida, Kentucky brings the whole package. Light-you-up offense and lock-you-down defense. Cards haven't seen a team anywhere near as good as Kentucky since, well, they played Kentucky.
give Pitino a week to prepare...I our chances
I our chances. I our chances, too. Today marks the beginning of an EPIC week in the Bluegrass. Soak it in, Big Blue Nation. This is an incredible time to be a Kentucky fan. Before I go, here’s a shout out to my new best friend Ben I met at The Penguin on Saturday night. Go Cats. **That was a joke.

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