Is our Perfect Coach on the Way?

Is our Perfect Coach on the Way?

Matt Jonesover 14 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
hackman.jpeg So after the excitement of last night, today was quite calm now wasnt it? Last night at this very time, the internet was abuzz with stories/rumors (and reports that were called both) that Billy Donovan had all but accepted the job to become University of Kentucky's basketball coach. Everyone was excited, the masses were jumping with glee and news organizations were stepping all over each other to announce it to the world. And then today, everyone took a step back.....and in some cases a lot of steps back. WLEX renounced their earlier story, pointing fingers at the online sources of the news. The online sources pointed their fingers at the television networks and said that their reports were taken out of context. And everyone took a beatdown from some national "media" (how did Andy Katz get his job?) who said that all of the Kentucky people are out of control believing that there is a deal in place. So whereas last night, all were running to say Kentucky had a all were running to say the Cats dont have a coach. While that was all entertaining, it looks as if didnt really amount to much. The national media never really picked up on the story (which is likely good news for UK) and basically mocked all involved. The Florida media treated it as a mere blurb and it doesnt look like the Gators were distracted too awful much. Having said that, it is clear that the Kentucky coaching search continues to be national news. Pardon the Interruption led with the question of whether Billy would take the job in Lexington. Sports Center featured a debate between "experts" (aka lumbering idiots) Andy Katz and Doug Gottlieb (who stole my wallet) on whether the Kentucky job was filled. And Seth Davis went on multiple radio stations and begged to be listened to....before making another incorrect NCAA bracket pick (seriously has anyone gotten more games wrong than Seth?). Yes kids, the Kentucky job is still front page news. Now many of you have asked me if I think the Donovan deal is done, and I continue to say that I believe the job is NOT FINAL. Now that doesnt mean there havent been talks between UK and Donovan's people.....I think there have. That also doesnt mean that there havent been conversations about what type of deal it would take to make an agreement and or that there havent been preliminary contracts considered. From the folks I talk to, there is too much reasonable chatter for me to believe that some talks havent occurred. But I simply dont buy that Donovan has already decided to leave and that the final agreement has been reached. I think Donovan will have a choice to make.....and that choice hasnt been made. Everyone takes a different side of this issue. Gregg Doyel came on our show today and said he expects Billy to be the next coach at UK. Brett Dawson of the Courier Journal said if forced to make a selection he would take the "field" over Donovan as most likely UK coach of the future. The scuttlebutt at the McDonalds Game is that Donovan will become the coach. The scuttlebutt on most major national networks is that he wont. Bottom one knows. But we do know this.....the next week will be one of the most exciting in UK basketball off the court in sometime. Donovan deciding on UK is one of the biggest stories since Pitino came and the Big Blue Nation holds its breath with anticipation. IF Donovan ever wants this job, as Doyel said today, "now is his one shot." Only he knows if he will take it. But we have some calm before the storm.....the next few days may see the focus shift slightly. The McDonalds Game is Wednesday Night and we will be doing the show live from Freedom Hall before the game. Rob will be there early, me after work and both of us leading into the game coverage. Please tune in. We will have Patterson, Lucas, Mayo, Gordon, etc on with us and get whatever we can get out. For recruiting purposes, we will learn little.....without a coach, UK cant really know where they stand with the big two. But these are the future NBA studs and you really should check them out. We will have more all day on Wed and game reports at night.....check back in and buckle up.....

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