Its Vandy Time!!!!!
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Its Vandy Time!!!!!

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
goheen.jpg What in the name of Barry Goheen are we doing being scared of the Commodores coming into Rupp Arena? I mean this is Vandy people....a team that until just two years ago, had never one a game in our feared building. But now they ride into Lexington as conquering heroes, ready to take their third straight game in Lexington and tell the world that the undefeated Vanderbilt team is for real. But we simply cant let this happen! This is Vandy....yes, we love Barry Booker, but this is VANDY for goodness sake. We need to re-establish whatever it is that we are by beating these science dorks and their somewhat surprisingly risque cheerleaders. Kevin Stallings is balding but keeps the hair on the side of his head....a definite no-no....and the only way we can stop the madness is to take out the Commodores once and for all. Andrew Olgilvy will be a revelation to many today and may feast on our front line, but nevertheless the Cats must win. I HAVE to think UK pulls the simply has to can it not? So lets say UK 67-62 and just hope. What say you? Use the comments to predict and dissect the game. I am on my way to Lexington and will have the postgame report after the festivities.....

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