So 6/6/06 is finally upon us, and to the dismay of witches, voodoo(ers?) and Al Gore, the world did not come to a cataclysmic end and the polar ice caps are still polar. However, this piece of news stikes me as quite apocalyptic. A mule race in Godknows, Nevada contained a pair of cloned asses (or assi). The genetically mirrored Idaho Gem and Idaho Star, finished third and seventh respectively among six other "real" mules. The two were predictably unfazed by defeat as we all know clones are souless, much like the synthetic American Idol guy with the gray hair. On a serious note, this seemingly minute sideshow of an experiement just might be the beginning of the end for The Sport of Kings as we know it. Cloning and artificial insemination is strictly forbidden in the thoroughbred industry, and if science continues it's irresponsibility, the breeding industry that cushions the Bluegrass economy will be legitimately jeopardized. Not many golfers have enjoyed popularity quite like Fuzzy Zoeller. The man from just across the bridge in New Albany, IN was the John Daly on tour while Daly's mama was still smoking and drinking with little Johnny in the womb (well, maybe not that old). Zoeller's repuatation however, took a serious plunge when he made some ill-timed remakrs about Tiger Woods's Master's dinner menu a few years back. Anyway, he's still a helluva guy who happened to hit one helluva shot this past weekend. This video clip of Kentucky's 1993 woodshedding of Wake Forest in the NCAA tournament is just the remedy for your offseason disdain. Simply amazing.

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