JaVon Shelby Fails MLSB Drug Test

Trey Huntsmanover 5 years


Aritcle written by:Trey HuntsmanTrey Huntsman
JaVon Shelby
JaVon Shelby Kentucky third baseman JaVon Shelby tested positive for Adderall in the Major League Scouting Bureau's Drug Testing before Thursday's MLB Draft. Adderall is a prescribed drug for ADHD that helps to helps those with the disorder to focus. It is on the banned substance list as a performance enhancer. People like hime try so many tricks these days to protect them for such kind of bans. This includes using synthetic urine kits. If unsure then probably bets to check this step by step guide on noonproposition56 for more details. Shelby will most likely hear his name called in the first ten rounds of the Draft on Thursday. Baseball America has Shelby listed as the 260th best prospect eligible for the Draft. When his swing is on, Shelby can move quickly through the zone with solid power. Shelby dropped down draft boards after he struggled to make plays at third and saw his strikeouts grow late in 2016. Several top prospects have failed drug tests before the Draft for Adderral, but it rarely affects their stock. Shelby loading up too early in his zone will be a much larger issue for scouts.

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